You Are So Type A: Emerson Style

I’m hoping to make this a regular Monday feature. A digital download of some sort that gets the week off to an inspiring start, mixing my love of lettering with the vault of quotes I’ve amassed.

“Every wall is a door,” Emerson wrote. I’ve always liked that quote. Lately it’s been a bit more applicable as writer’s block has hit me hard. Assigned writing flows, but original creative material notsomuch. Emerson’s words are encouraging while nudging me just enough to get up and do something about it. Find a way to work with the wall rather than have it stand in my way. (A Wall – I keep thinking of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.)

Thinking about walls, my thoughts turned to wallpaper, and I placed that Emerson wisdom across my screens. iPhone, iPad, Samsung tablet – all my screens offering a bit of inspiration.

And I thought I’d share.

You can grab any of them from the Alexandra Wrote Facebook page. Just open the image, click options, download, and save it to your device photo album. Set it as wallpaper for your phone or tablet and voila. Instant inspiration.

P.S. I designed the Samsung wallpaper to fit the ATIV smart PC. As part of the #TabletCrew for #IntelTablets, I wanted it to match my other screens. If you use another type of tablet or phone, let me know how/if they work for you. Thanks!

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